The 4 main reasons you should use Greenhost NZ for your website hosting

Did you know - Your website has a carbon footprint

Website hosting servers pull energy from the national grid, much of that energy comes from fossil fuels. Each web hosting server can produce 500kg of CO2 each year! There are tens of millions of servers worldwide and growth in web hosting services is estimated to be greater than 400% each year for the foreseeable future.

You can make a difference

When developing a new web site or hosting a site already in existence it is important to think about what impact your site will have on the environment. YOU HAVE A CHOICE... You can choose to host your site with an environmentally friendly web hosting company. 

Which has the most emissions aircraft or I.T.?

The airline industry contributes to 3.5% of global climate change. By 2050 the airline industry is expected to contribute to over 5% of global climate change. Information technology is expanding far more rapidly and should exceed 3.5% of global climate change by 2020 likely shall contribute 5% of global climate change far before 2050.

Let the world know about your commitment

If you do choose GreenhostNZ for your web hosting provider we'd like to recommend placing one of our Green Hosting banners on your site to remind your visitors that you have chosen to host your site with an eco-friendly web hosting service provider.